Who We Are

Elective International a GreenLife Elective Limited Company is an organization which aims to bridge connections on a global level, merging health care awareness within the developing and developed worlds. We offer a life-changing opportunity to experience medicine in a manner every health care professional who wishes to make a difference needs to. Our mandate means we take our many obligations seriously, first among them being to provide students with the most enriching experiences.


Doctors are at the helm of Elective International. They understand the specific needs of healthcare service providers at every level of experience and design placements that offer focused and well-rounded elective opportunities. We don’t just throw you into a placement. Our aim is to help you grow as a healthcare service professional.


Our familiarity with local regulations and practices means placements are conducted above-board and with minimum fuss. We take steps to ensure nothing gets in the way of a student’s elective opportunity.


To that end, we make sure the accommodations we select offer a safe, secure and relaxing environment for students. Our locations offer convenient and easy access to shopping and recreation. ‘Active downtime’ is a concept we employ at EI. Simply, it means building on the day’s experience in a fun and informal setting as a natural segue to true rest.


We also make a point of reminding students that the success of their placement depends in part on the relationships we have carefully fostered with clinics and hospitals over the years. Without these, there would be no elective opportunities.


Elective International has staff deployed in more than six locations across the globe, with new locations opening up through careful analysis by our team. Our staff goes through a rigorous selection process to ensure they are a fit for positions in our organization. Elective International staff is fully integrated into the infrastructure that goes into the making elective placements an effective and rewarding experience. As such, their assistance and overall input are of a high caliber.


Our goal as an organization is to effect positive change in peoples’ lives.  Through elective placement, both visiting students and the communities they help benefit enormously. We place concerted efforts to ensure participants spend time helping out with HIV/AIDS infected children, orphans, volunteer feeding camps, medical camps etc. Part of participant fees charged goes toward active financial support of the health needs of these communities.

“In this era of globalization, nurturing the relationship between developed and developing countries is crucial to solving critical global issues. At EI, we prepare leaders of the future to embrace global citizenship   ”

                                                           - Prishita Vora, Founder