•  Be proactive and hands-on during various nursing procedures e.g.

    • Giving various medications via their various routes of administration: oral, subcutaneous, intradermal, intramuscular, intravenous etc.

    • Helping in wound management, dressing, and evaluation of healing,

    •  I.V. cannulation and fluid administration

    • Assisting in labor and delivery

    • Taking care of patient bedding and general comfort.

  • Aid in history taking, interviewing, arriving at diagnoses, creating a nursing plan and executing it. Participants are advised to collaborate in patient assessment with doctors and other nursing staff.

  • Assist with patient resuscitation with up to date protocols.

  • Preventing pressure sores: a grave concern in our hospitals.

  • Support in health education, both to the patient and the family. Past participants have been very successful at sitting a patient down and sometimes through translators, effecting lifestyle changes in chronically ill patients.

  • Offer comfort and support to the patient and the family. 


Program Focus Points

What do we Provide?

  • A safe and secure placement

  • Local accommodation & meals

  • Doctor &  & Mentor Fees

  • Comprehensive support by international staff

  • Flexible dates

  • Expert advice on placements

  • Wifi

  • Airport Transfer

  • Transport to and from your hospital placement

  • Unmatched opportunities for hands-on experience

  • Strong mentorship programs

  • Cultural exchange and exposure



Mark Thomas, New York Universtiy - Dental, Indonesia

I gained so much experience and confidence after working with EI. Managed to rotate in all departments ranging from Oral Surgery to Endodontic, Prosthodontics to Pediatric Dentistry.

Mary Fields, University of Southampton - Midwifery, Kenya 

Elective International has a great program in Kenya, hands down. I wasn’t expecting to get nearly as much work as I did but was in for a shock.  The midwifery program exposed me to so much I wouldn’t have learned if I hadn’t chosen Kenya as an elective destination.

Anne Riordan, University of Dublin - Medicine Elective

The EI staff is a friendly and supportive bunch who do a first-rate job of making sure people like myself who don’t travel a lot feel right at home. 

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