Mark Robinson


Obstetrics & Gynecology Elective

I was in Yogyakarta for the 1st 2 weeks of December 2019 ,what can I say ? I have no words to express the experience I went through

First and foremost, the accommodation was comfortable and food was quite good. Food there was also affordable if eating out 

I worked at the hospital for 2 weeks with weekends off for exploring. Working was great the knowledge and experience was quite different from the usual which made the experience more unique . Great staff and deep learning skills . We had quite a number of different cases In obs/gyn there especially because it's a developing country but services are appropriate. i got to participate in so many deliveries while i was there, it was amazing. 

Exploring was great ,timang was the best experience IV ever had..there's nowhere in the world you can catch sites and views like here 

All in all I had a great placement In Indonesia and an overwhelming experience thanks to elective international

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