Charles David

Brown University

Internal Medicine Elective Nepal

Coming from a first world country in US, and have never left the US in my 25 years of life, and flying into Nepal I had no idea what to expect. But landing in Kathmandu, and seeing the signs and sounds and smells of a vibrant city that is full of life just blew me away.

I was placed in Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, which is one of the largest in Nepal, I never experience internal medicine like I did ever while I was there for my 4 weeks’ elective. The tropical cases I saw and got to participate in and the skills and knowledge I to learn and acquire from the doctors and nurses there was just out of this world. I split my  4 week elective into 2 weeks in Internal medicine and 2 weeks in Surgical rotation so I can experience both world well. The team I worked with was very positive and helpful.

Aside from this the food and culture around Nepal was really amazing. Learnt new things and new ways about the city. I also had a room by myself and my accommodation was close to great exploring places so my weekends were sorted.


It was a great experience for me and I'm glad I took up elective international for my internship. 

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