Cynthia Mc'Collins 

Florida International University

Nursing Elective Bali

The most rewarding part of my internship was definitely the feeling of becoming a part of the medical team and helping contribute to its growth. Learning and experience real life cases. The entire department was welcoming and eager to teach me. Even though it was an observer ship nursing program, I gained a lot of insight and knowledge in my 3 weeks’ time I was there.


I would like to add that Bali was really beautiful, the beaches were gorgeous and the water clear blue, scenic places to explore and the food had its own tropical taste.  The extracurricular activities were amazing! Not forgetting the other elective students i met there and became sooo close with.  It was a wonderful experience with elective international not just professionally but also personally. It was refreshing and vivid.  My mentors were soo sweet and amazing and truly loved my short but pleasantly beautiful time in bail!  Will defiantly be coming back. 


Thank you elective international for this wonderful opportunity

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