Christina Tucker

University of Miami

Indonesia Dental Elective

My name is Christina and i am here to write a review on my Dental program in Yogyakarta with Elective International. I was on a 4 week dental program from 5/11/2018 - 2/12/2018.

Everyone that asks me wants to know mainly about how the food was, the hospital was good or not, doctors helpful or not, mentor, the accommodation was safe and nice, and was the WIFI working properly.

Let me just say to sum it up, i learned more about Dentistry then i would have in another other location for my Elective i had done in the past. I was also made to present my on my personal topic to a panel of doctors and chiefs. We also went out and had a medical camp in a rural village. I had such a wonderful time!

Now for the logistical part. I was picked up from the airport on time, my accommodation was a guest house which was lovely cause i was around other international students too, plus i got my own room!! Indonesian food was delicious and i had a feast every day!! Yes the Wifi was brilliant, cause my mum didn't complain once about it when i facetimed her!.

Yogakrata is such a beautiful city, and people are really nice there. The mentors i had were sooo friendly and really made my stay there for comfortable!

So yes i would recommend it to anyone that is interested in their Dental or even medical elective there!!! I would def say that for the price i paid, i got complete value for my buck!!

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