Outreach Programs 

Outreach Programs

Elective International supports various outreach programs in the form of medical and dental camps throughout impoverished areas in Asia and Africa. These programs aim to allow participants to attain gratification from their ongoing training as health care workers. They function to improve health care delivery in areas stricken by poverty and poor access to appropriate health care provision. They are organized by Elective International and representatives of the relevant communities.

The outreach programs are designed in collaboration with final medical and dental students as well working professionals who all work hand in hand with our local EI project manager.  

Participants in the medical outreach programs are encouraged to be proactive in medical camp preparations and activities e.g. delivering health education talks, raising health awareness on pertinent health issues in the community (e.g. prevention of diarrheal illnesses), diagnosing patients, dispensing medication etc.   


Volunteers International is affiliated with several orphanages around its areas of operation. Participants are required to spend an allotted time period during their placement caring for the children and helping with general work. An example is the Tumaini Home of Hope for HIV/AIDS orphans or the Kikambala home of orphans in Kenya. Participants may also fundraise to donate anything from clothes to education material to toy. On occasion, participants join mentors to search for a suitable orphanage to place an afflicted child identified at the hospital. This, majority of the time, requires liaising with social workers and fosters the understanding of the socio-economic challenges that exist in the backdrop of such issues. 

Partner NGO, Lions International

Volunteers are encouraged to assist with our partner NGOs goals. These include, to mention a few, going into remote areas and taking part in eye camps, providing free spectacles, isolating cases that need operations such as cataracts or corneal transplants and providing transport for these to the eye hospital. Operations are carried out, patients are returned to their homes and a follow up done after a few weeks with doctors travelling back to the remote areas. All this is carried out with no cost to the patient. Participants in ophthalmology especially find this venture a gratifying one. Volunteers also participate in the organization’s goals of water pan and borehole drilling and construction for areas with poor access to mains water supplies.

Prison Work Volunteering

Participants volunteer in a few carefully selected prisons. An example is the Shimo La Tewa prison in Mombasa. Here, volunteers participate within the juvenile prison. These children may have been street children who have committed crimes of stealing with age, or villagers from destitute backgrounds who have committed minor offences. Majority of the convicts range from 8-16 years. We assist in the rehabilitation of these children within separate units constructed within the prison. These units include teaching, engineering, agriculture, computers, essential life skills among others. Volunteers assist in teaching these children and help them develop into productive members of society. When their sentence is over, the children are monitored for reformed behavior and at the least have a skill to help them make an honest livelihood, or are enrolled in school. 

“Tamka Tamani” - Make a wish program

Tamka Tamani in Swahili means make a wish. This program was borne of a joint and concerted effort by Volunteers International and Elective International. It inception was seen after the close interaction of Elective International doctors and mentors with cancer and terminally ill patients. It involves granting and fulfilling one wish of a cancer or terminally ill child or adult. These may range from a simple wish from taking a child to the movies or a child’s wish to fly in an airplane to the need to leave a means of livelihood for an entire family. We work in unison with our volunteers to realize these wishes. 

Teaching Opportunities

Our organizations have partnered with both poor resource private and public schools in order to assist them in the amelioration of their service delivery to their students. Volunteers are attached to these projects and may teach anything from basic Math and English to the complex sciences. We fund as well as encourage volunteers to fundraise for various ends e.g. building of an extra block within the school facility, a borehole for water supply, computers within the school etc.

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