Learn How to Prераrе yоurѕеlf from Culture Shосk

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

The lure of travel abroad is that people get a chance to experience first-hand the beauty of other cultures. many would asset their knowledge is broadened and that they developed a deeper understanding of other people. Although traveling abroad can be an enriching experience, sometimes we encounter strange customs and traditions that we have a hard time understanding. Even those who have been to many places in the world have experienced cultural shock in one way or another.

Seasoned travelers who consider themselves "citizens of the world" have the following advices to give.

An important travel advice that should be observed by everybody is to be culturally sensitive. This entails getting to know about customs, traditions and local folktales of the place. The key to avoiding misunderstanding is to have a good knowledge and background of the people and local cultural. That way, we can practise the proper etiquette and respect. Pointing at people for instance is considered insulting in some countries. By knowing information such as this, we are sure to avoid inconveniences along the way.

The important of communication cannot be overemphasized especially for overseas travel. Not only should we be knowledgeable about the local customs, but the language as well. Not a few would often find themselves frustrated for they are unable to communicate with others. Assuming that everybody speaks the same language as we would, it proves costly. That is why many try to get hold of a phrase book when traveling abroad. That way, we are able to explain ourselves and are able to get around more effectively. Being able to say "thank you" and "please" in the local language is a must.

Of course, one of the delights or overseas travel is being able to taste the different cuisines. Accordingly, it is through food that we are better able to appreciate a place or culture. Looking up on the local dishes would also prove to be beneficial. This is especially true for those who observe certain dietary practices like vegetarians Muslims. Although exotic cuisines hold a certain allure for those with an adventurous palate, it would not hurt to research on these dishes. Finally, by knowing the food served we could avoid waste or worse, offending a host when we are unable to eat it.

By following these advices, we are better able to appreciate different cultures in our travels.

Save yourself from Cultural Shock!

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