Safety Tips for Travelers

Many people love traveling. It is very enjoyable and a lot of things to experience. But a traveler should be careful of the problems that sometimes he/she may encounter. So to protect them from risk and scams, a traveler should be sensitive to people around them and should follow some guidelines during the travel.

For example, travelers should not just easily hand their wallets to anyone. In other countries, there are lots of con men who pretend to be police officers and ask the wallet to check for drug money. Avoid traps like these, even if it seems like the people you're dealing with may be friendly. It's simply not worth taking the risk as you'll be sorry if anything negative occurs.

And a traveler should be aware that there are people appearing to be illegitimate wearing an officials badge. Please make a double check when they ask for an ID or cash. This is a classic trick that many people use to swindle unsuspecting tourists and you don't want to fall victim to it.

One common trickster is the photographers. They will just take your pictures without asking permission and then ask for money after to sell the pictures they took. Or some may disguise to develop it in a nearby studio and ask you for money, but no plan of coming back, they run away.

But the most common one is the pickpocket's. Usually they post in crowded areas like tourist spots and wet markets. One will try to distract your attention by asking you question or bumped your things and the other surreptitiously pickpocket your wallet or your money.

So beware of people around you and use caution when carrying money or wallet. Travelers, especially women should always hold their wallet close to their body to avoid it from being snatched.

Another problem that a traveler may encounter is when riding a cab or taxi. Some taxi/cab drivers, if they find that their passengers are tourists, they will overcharge the fare. So in order to avoid this incident, be sure to ask the fare in particular places before you start traveling. Although you don't have to be afraid to ask questions about the price and constantly check on the meters.

These are just practical tips you can consider when traveling. Have a nice and safe travel.

Safety Tips for Travelers

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