Application Process? How does it work?

How it works?

To apply for our health professional program, simply fill out our online application form and submit it. Upon receiving your application, a member of our staff will email you regarding the 300$ Deposit fee to Secure your Placement, along with that a letter of good conduct from your university, and your passport copy to process your application thru the ministry of health. Our programs can fill up pretty quickly from May-September and December, so we advise that you book a few months in advance for these months to avoid disappointment. If we cannot find a placement for the exact dates/destination you want, we will offer you alternatives immediately. Your registration fee is refunded in full if we cannot create a satisfactory placement for you. Once your placement is confirmed, your registration fee is no longer refundable.

Professional Support?

Our professional and friendly staff members are available whenever you need them--they are simply a phone call or email away! We are happy to answer any questions you may have, from details about the destinations to queries about who will pick you up at the airport.


Flights are not included in the cost of our placements. This is because many of our students decide to continue traveling after their placements. Also, students travel from all over the world, so price flights vary. Our pre- departure team will be sure to let you know when and where you need to arrive. A member of our Elective Team will meet you at the airport upon arrival.

When you arrive.

A member of our Elective staff will be waiting at the airport to meet you upon arrival - as long as you have provided us with the correct flight details! They will then travel with you to the Elective house where you will have time to rest, meet your new housemates and receive the welcome briefing.

The welcome briefing is an informal chat with the Program Manager. He or she will give you a quick overview on how the house and your placement will work. It is also a great opportunity to get to know your Program Manager and meet all of the other in-country staff team! These are your most accessible resources while in country.

In the morning, one of our staff members will take you and your fellow students to the hospital for the first day of your placement. Your first day at the hospital will finish slightly earlier than normal so you have time for your local orientation that afternoon. This will help you to discover all of the local transport systems, Internet cafes, ATM's, and anything else you may need. For any additional information, simply ask our in-country staff.

How does the application process work?

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