Study Abroad Tips In Developing Countries

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Now it is time to study abroad for your next session. This is a great idea! However, it is important now to choose colleges you would love to attend. This is not a very simple task so you need to take out some time to explore. Most students from the United States prefer to study in places such as Australia, Europe, and New Zealand. While this is would easily pass for a nice top choice any day, could you consider studying in different countries? How about studying in a developing country? There are very mouthwatering choices available even in developing countries, and you could succeed with a few helpful tips.


The importance of making research about your new location cannot be overemphasized. Aside making research concerning the demands of your preferred choice of institution, it is also great to know the environment – accommodation, banks and the best network provider in the area. If accommodation arrangements would be made by your college, you would not have to worry. Otherwise, you would need to prepare in advance for this.

It is also best to understand the specifics of the local banks before you leave. In many countries, many banks now have an option that allows students to open student accounts with minimum deposit, low charges and other benefits that would be really useful during your stay. Find out the how much assess you can have to the online features of the bank for convenient transactions.

Along with selecting a good network provider, a smartphone would come in handy. You could get good smartphones at fairly nice rates so you can monitor your purchases and remain abreast with information.

Learn to Carry Cash – Safely

In many developing countries, credit card readers and ATMs are few and far between. This means you would have to get used to carrying cash more often than you were used to. You could get a belt or purse where you could store money while on the move or a safe location to store money at home. The aim is to ensure you do not run out of cash or lose your money to pickpockets. Discretion would also be needed when going to different locations. If you would be going to a place notable for violent crimes, it would be wise to take only little cash – in the event that you are robbed, it is best to have something so you are not physically attacked.

Protect your Health

Many developing countries do not have the same sanitation standards as the country of your origin, so it would take some time to adjust to different standards. These adjustments may include having to boil water before drinking, exercising caution before purchasing food especially if you have some dietary restrictions and even selecting few good places where you are comfortable to eat or purchase groceries.


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