Tips for our Successful Fundraising Campaign Page

Complete your profile and campaign page.

Your profile page helps to build trust and confidence within your network of donors and supporters. An empty Profile is unsettling for potential donors and can cause sincere doubt if there is a genuine person behind the campaign.

The first thing that people check is your campaign page so be sure to let people know why they should donate to your cause. You can add photos and videos that will showcase your work abroad. You can also write a compelling story to move people to donate to your page. Donors want to know why they should donate to your page so show them a reason why they should invest in you.

Use high quality videos and photos to motivate the interest of your supporters.

Share your page on social media and emails.

Don’t feel shy about sharing your campaign page frequently, because that is the only way people will see it. No matter how good you were in filling it, if no one knows about your campaign, no donation will be sent to you. Use the social media buttons on your page to easily share your page through Facebook and Twitter. For older people who are more comfortable with email, you can also send a personal email through the email button on your page.

Even if your family and friends are not able to donate monetarily, you can still ask them to share your page through their own network of contacts.

Sharing your page once is not enough. Think of it as part of your marketing strategy - regularly and frequently sharing your page helps them to familiarize with your page.

Aim to build momentum early on.

Remember that your initial donors will likely be from your core group of family and friends. Did you know that fundraisers who have raised at least 15% in the first 2 weeks are more likely to be successful in campaigning? In the early stages of your campaign, focus on earning the support of these people first because they know you best, personally and can later endorse your campaign to other viewers.

Always keep your supporters updated.

Never forget about the updates. Every crowdfunding campaign takes time and effort. Continue to keep your page fresh by posting updates every now and then. Donors don’t want to contribute to a page that is stale and outdated.

Look out for FundMyTravel’s weekly emails.

Every week, FundMyTravel sends out emails to motivate you to keep on going. Make sure that you have registered the correct email address to receive more tips, resources and trends in online fundraising.

Hard work, commitment and effort are the keys to your success.

Don’t assume that your page will take off on its own. It takes several shares, fresh updates, compelling story and a striking photo to hit your goal amount and beyond. If you have left and forgotten your page, chances are your donors have, too.

Click on the link below to create your fundraising campaign for your elective abroad

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