Following a pre-health track? Are you a health professional looking for a placement?

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Elective International is dedicated to arranging clinical work experience programs that offer pre-health students, and health professional students with a genuine insight into the field of medicine and a life-changing look at global health realities. Students have the opportunity to observe and learn from healthcare professionals in hospitals in Kenya, Tanzania, Indonesia, Mauritius and India, exposing students to real-life situations and providing them with uncensored interaction with the medical world.

Standardized Programs

Our programs can only work by providing a similar experience for each student regardless of the time of year they go, which destination they choose and which discipline they choose to undertake. All of our partner hospitals agree to adhere to a fixed number of student teaching hours each week so one can be assured that wherever and whenever a student decides to undertake a Elective placement, they will get a fixed number of teaching hours each week and will get a large amount of clinical exposure.

Shadowing and Observational Programs The important thing to remember is that we also offer experiences for Pre- Health students. These are not students who have necessarily undertaken medical experience before and we would never place them in a situation where they are expected to give patient care or be exposed to a situation where they are expected to perform medical procedures. This sounds like an obvious thing to state but you’d be surprised at the number of organizations that don’t adhere to such policies. Every one of our programs has a partnership agreement with the hospitals and the doctors that we work with to ensure best practice is followed at all times. All of our partner hospitals and doctors are paid for their involvement with Elective International. Its something we feel passionate about and a great way to ensure the hospitals and individual doctors benefit from what we offer too.

Clinical and Interactive Teaching Sessions

Students get the chance to undertake teaching sessions with Elective International, whereby at the end of every working day, we gather all our students together to discuss relevant medical issues in country, compare healthcare systems and this is where students get “hands on” experience under the supervision of doctors and mentors.

Named Mentors and full preparation

Everyone has heard the stories about students undertaking hospital experience only to be introduced to a hospital and the doctors not knowing why they are there. With our placement, our students know exactly what departments they will be working in 4-weeks before travel and who their student mentors will be in each department, so they know who will be looking after them in the hospital for the duration of their stay.

Safe and Social Accommodation There’s no home-stays or cost cutting here. Home-stays or living with host families can be billed as a “cultural experience”, when in reality it is usually only recommended as it’s a cheaper option. We have our own large houses where all our students live together. This means we can ensure all students get the same experience and live in a social setting with other like-minded students - and ensure their safety! There’s still plenty of opportunity to gain a cultural experience too but we believe this should be done in addition to safe, comfortable accommodation, not at the expense of it.

Extensive support Every step of the way we support students. From questions answered by our team before students book, pre departure support before they leave, our extensive system to our staff teams overseas – we provide the full service. We are reachable 24/7 for parents when students are away and you can rely on us to ensure a worry free time when they travel with us.

Take a look at our website for past student Reviews and Experiences, or contact us for further information.

What to follow a Pre-Health Track?

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