Elective Prices

Registration Fee

This one-time fee allows us to formally process your application and confirm your placement on the program, after which we then begin your pre-departure preparations



Note: Prices quoted below are in addition to the registration fee of $300

Pre – Departure Assistance

At Elective International we understand how big a venture travelling to a new destination is. We help you favorably select the program which best suits your needs, both in terms of duration of time spent in different health care disciplines and placement destination. An Elective International representative is assigned to you to answer any questions, to ensure you have ticked our ‘must - dos before getting on that plane’ list and to ensure you receive any other assistance before departure. We help you organize your trip down to the last detail.

Airport transfers

A member of Elective International staff will be present to pick you from the airport at the time of your arrival and accompany you to the airport after completion of the program.

You are kindly advised to forward your flight itinerary at least a week in advance so we can arrange your pick up.

In the event your arrival airport and arrival time don’t allow for immediate departure to Elective International housing, we arrange for a night’s stay in comfortable lodging. All trips are organized with top class transport at no extra charge to you.

Getting settled and orientation

An Elective International representative will take his time with you to brief you further on the program. You will be provided with an booklet with helpful information e.g. some useful and fun words in the national language of your country of placement, a map with helpful and fun to go places, where to get stuff you may need, what to do at the hospital in case of an accidental injury etc.

Orientation day: We introduce you to your mentors at the hospital and make sure you settle in comfortably. Orientation around the hospital is performed by the mentor(s) in charge of you, including a word on hospital policies and patient flow and care.

The day ends with a small welcome party for all applicants, hosted by us and attended by some of the doctors and representatives of Elective International. This is a chance for everyone to get to know each other and to sit back and talk.

Environs and Accommodation

Elective International hosts its students in secure and spacious private facilities. Our housing locations have been carefully selected in and around the top tourist destinations to offer time for participants to unwind and tour. We provide a holiday and an elective all in one package!

In various placement destinations, there is a wide variety of recreational activies such as camel riding, watersports like snorkeling, water-skiing, jet skiing, wind surfing, kite surfing, sailing, deep sea fishing, scuba diving and glass bottom tours.

We encourage an atmosphere of sharing, learning together, mingling, socializing and fun. Rooms are generally shared but one is reserved in most placement destinations for those who prefer single occupancy. We believe interacting with new people with similar goals and interests enriches your experience.

An Elective International representative is always close by should you require any assistance.

Residences are fully furnished with study areas and a reference library.

Elective International has an extensive network around its areas of placement and hospital. We provide flexibility in our program structure depending on individual preference and specific elective goals.


Elective International generally provides you with a hearty and filling nutritionally balanced breakfast and dinner. We believe in having breakfast like a king, in order to pump you up with some ATP for the day’s work. Dinner time most often is a special occasion to talk about the day’s happenings and learn from each other’s experiences, after which you can just chill and relax, arrange to go to a place of interest, sit and study, or join doctors for call nights.

In the event you return from the hospital earlier during lunchtime, you can always request the cooking staff to whip up something for you. You are now part of our Elective International community, and reside in our little home. Your tummy is a priority!

The cost above does not include

Visa: Although Elective International provides you with ample advice on how to go about your visa application and processing, applicants are requested to meet their visa costs.

Entertainment: Elective International programs are designed with a generous load of extracurricular entertainment in mind. Housing location, with keen planning and willful disregard for overhead costs, is strategically located in go-to tourist destinations in the various placement destinations. However, if participants would like to spend time going out for meals, visiting local night clubs, and touring other destinations within the host country, they will be compelled to dig into their wallets a wee bit more! Travel insurance: This is in the event you require treatment in your host country.

What is Included: