Terms & Conditions


  • Travel insurance and medical coverage is not included in the program cost. These are the responsibility of the students / volunteers and all volunteers should ensure that they have adequate insurance for the duration of their program

  • It is the volunteers responsibility to ensure that they are in good health, and are fit to travel and undertake the duties expected of them in their program

  • Elective International is not responsible for loss of property, personal injury, illness, accident, delay or expense sustained by the volunteer while participating in our programs

  • Elective International and its agents are not responsible for any financial obligations or liabilities the participant may incur including damages to property, or injury to others while participating on this program

  • Elective International is not responsible for the cost of extra activities (sightseeing, language class etc.) incurred during the course of your program

  • Acknowledge that possession of illegal substances is a grave violation of Elective International policy, and if discovered will result in the immediate cancellation of your program

  • Participants are cautioned that the possession of drugs is often dealt with severe punishment by host country law enforcement​​



  • Prices on the website are subject to change without warning

  • Once the application is accepted, the program fee cost is guaranteed and will not change so long as the proposed start date is within six months of the date of application

  • Once your application has been accepted, a reservation deposit is immediately due in order to find placement. Once paid, the reservation deposit is nonrefundable, but will be applied to the student's program fee should they attend in future

  • Student / Volunteers agree that no part of the program fee is refundable once the program has commenced. This means that no refunds are issued should students spend less time on their program because of illness or personal travel or any other reason whatsoever

  • Any refunds for whatever reason will be sent out within 14 days of the refund decision date

  • Please note that any payments due to the Program that remain unpaid past the due date may be referred to collection agents and also reported to credit reference bureaus or agencies in your respective countries


Changes and Cancellations by Participants

  • Elective International must be notified of desired changes or cancellations in writing at our operations email address. Our staff will be ready to provide advice on contemplated changes and cancellations. This is the only binding way to secure a change to your contract with Elective International.

  • We usually charge a change fee of US $ 50, plus any additional costs that we may incur to effect the change. Where the additional costs incurred by Elective International are going to be greater than US $ 75, we will give you full details of the additional costs prior to effecting the change.

  • Participants are advised that a significant part of the fee paid will be spent in advance of their program start date in order to prepare for their arrival for the program. Consequently, Elective International  is not in a position to offer a full refund should participants choose to cancel their travel for any reason whatsoever. We will refund part of the fee depending on when your written notice of cancellation is received:

    • Written notice received after making the reservation deposit but more than 60 days days from the program start date will incur forfeiture of the reservation deposit

    • Written notice received between 30 and 60 days in advance of your program start date will incur a 50% total programme fee

    • Written notice received less than 30 days in advance of your program start date is not eligible for any refund

  • The above terms apply to the original program start dates. If you have already postponed or changed your dates, the cancellation penalties will apply as if the original program start date was still effective. Exceptions are entirely at Elective International's own discretion and must be in writing.

  • We do not have any obligation to make any changes or amendments once your program has commenced and should you depart the program prior to your scheduled finish date, there will be no refunds whatsoever.

  • Cancellations for all other optional programs / reservations, for example Safaris, will be fully refundable if such cancellation is done before we have committed funds to the reservations. Regardless, any such cancellations done after the start of Elective International core program will incure a 25% cancellation fee to cover our administrative charges.


Changes or Cancellations initiated by Elective International

  • In very rare occassions, program details may differ from the original plan. In such a case, we will do everything possible to deliver a program as good as what was contracted, even if the venue changes.

  • In the very rare occassion that we need to cancel a program, we will inform you at least 45 days before your program start date and refund you fully within 30 days of informing you. We will not have any further liability beyond the full refund of program fees we received.

  • However, where a cancellation is necessitated by circumstances beyond our control, such as natural disasters, extreme political instability, security threats, terrorist activities, etc, we will not be liable for a refund. However, we will offer you a similar program in a different destination or offer to change your program dates to another date at no additional costs or change fees to you. Participant understands that they will be responsible for any costs incurred in changing to this destinations such as flights.


General Rules to Adhere To

  • Follow the rules, advice and policies set by the local Project Coordinator.

  • Travel with an open mind; be respectful to the culture and customs of the country you are volunteering in. This means practicing patience and understanding even when you do not agree with certain issues.

  • Understand that alcohol consumption is not permitted in the accommodation, at the project site or at the Elective International offices. Responsible consumption is allowed, gross misbehavior will result in the termination of your program.

  • Treat all people with respect and dignity, especially the elders of the community.

  • Dress properly with regard to the local culture, as well as weather conditions. Realize what is socially acceptable in western countries, can be considered offensive in others.

  • Avoid all political demonstrations and activities. Remember you are guests in the host country and subject to local laws and punishment.

  • Acknowledge the program and accommodations provided are customized for you and not changeable in country without approval and consent of Elective International.

  • Advise the host family and Project Coordinators of weekend travel plans.

  • Respect the policies of the community and the rules of the host family in which you are staying.

  • Ask permission before inviting guests to the home-stay.

  • Be aware that overnight guests are not allowed.

  • Respect the accommodation, and pay for any damage you may cause.

  • Keep your room clean and neat. Offer to help with chores around the home.

  • Not smoke or use alcohol in your accommodation.


Termination Of Program

Elective International reserves the right to terminate the program of any student/volunteer who is in violation of these Terms and Conditions; who is found to have supplied false information during their application; who refuses to fulfill their obligations in the program; or whose behaviour or actions are considered to be gross misconduct by Elective International. If a program is terminated, the volunteer is no longer under the care of Elective International and is responsible for their own passage back home. Elective International will not be liable to offer assistance, financial or otherwise .

Volunteers who choose to terminate their program for whatever reason, at any point during their volunteer work, will no longer be under the care of Elective International and are responsible for their own passage back home. No refunds will be given and Elective International will not be liable to offer assistance, financial or otherwise.


Release and Acceptance of

By agreeing to participate in any of our programs, volunteers agree that they have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions and further indemnify Elective International from and against all loss, damage and liability which may be suffered or incurred as a result of his/her act, neglect or default while participating in any of the programs

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