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Jane Miller

University of Sydney 

I was in Jaipur for my internship which was arranged and organized by elective international. My experience with them was truly worth it. I worked at 3 hospitals within my 6 week internship which all had completely different experiences. I chose to work in the...


Mark Robinson


I was in Yogyakarta for the 1st 2 weeks of December 2019 ,what can I say ? I have no words to express the experience I went through. First and foremost, the accommodation was comfortable and food was quite good. Food there was also affordable if eating out 

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Wiranda Phonphaisa

Shanghai Medical College

I am a sixth-year medical student, and I did my elective at Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. I found it an incredible experience, and Kenya is an amazing place to visit. I would recommend Elective International to anyone wanting to visit Africa on elective.


Charles David

Brown University

Coming from a first world country in US, and have never left the US in my 25 years of life, and flying into Nepal I had no idea what to expect. But landing in Kathmandu, and seeing the signs and sounds and smells of a vibrant city that is full of life just blew me away...

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Meera Shah

Kenyatta University 

In my time spent in Mumbai, India for my 6week elective period, I fell in love with this country. The beautiful country, the people, Dental Edition, everything. Gained so much experience and confidence after working with EI...


Anne Riordan

Universtiy of Dublin

Working overseas has been a lifelong dream. I came across the Elective International website and got interested in their electives. Once I got in touch with the EI staff and talked to them about their placements I knew I had to go. First thing I did after arriving in Arusha was first get... 


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Cynthia Mc'Collins

Florida International University  

The most rewarding part of my internship was definitely the feeling of becoming a part of the medical team and helping contribute to its growth. Learning and experience real life cases. The entire department was welcoming and eager to teach...


Christina Tucker

Universtiy of Miami

My name is Christina and I am here to write a review on my Dental program in Yogyakarta with Elective International. I was on a 4-week dental program from 5/11/2018 - 2/12/2018.

Everyone that asks me wants to know mainly about how the food was, the hospital was good or not, doctors helpful or not, mentor, the accommodation was safe and nice, and was there WIFI...

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Radha Measuria

University of Liverpool

Jambo my name is Radha and I'm a 4th-year medical student from the UK. I came to Mombasa Kenya to do a 4week elective in Coast Province General Hospital. Let me tell you now, it was the best decision I made! I have learned so much from the doctors and patients and their families alike. Coming from a National Health System...


Mary Fields

University of Southampton

Elective International has a great program in Kenya, hands down. I wasn’t expecting to get nearly as much work as I did but was in for a shock.  A great, life-changing shock. The midwifery program exposed me to so much I wouldn’t have learned if I hadn’t chosen Kenya as an elective destination. I met so many amazing people and got hand-on experience I know has made me a better...

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Matthew Ta

McMaster University 

Hey everyone! My name is Matt – and I’m a medical student from Canada. I was super fortunate to be able to do an elective with the Elective International. I went to Mombasa in Kenya and did my placement at the Coast General Provincial Hospital. I participated in several medical disciplines, such as internal medicine, emergency medicine, and surgery. Day to day, I helped out in taking histories and physical exams for patients entering the ER, rounded on inpatients in the general...


Julie Richards

New York University

I’ve always wanted to go to Kenya and when I found out I could do my elective there I just knew I had to. The Elective International staff was very helpful when it came to planning out my elective. I found this a huge relief being on the other side of the planet knowing when I got there everything would be taken care of. 


Joan Micha

Kings College London

Hello everyone!  My name is Joan Micha and I did my dental elective in Nepal for 4 weeks. I split my time between Pokhara and Kathmandu because I wanted to experience dental in both the city and the rural parts of a news country I have never been to. Kathmandu was very developed...

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Felicia Anderson

Texas A&M Universtiy

I was a bit apprehensive about doing an overseas elective placement but I’m I glad I went because it was an eye-opening experience that changed me for the better. A friend of mine told me about Elective International and after talking about it with my family took the elective at the beginning of my fourth year...


Sara O'Donnell

Queens University

I’ve always wanted to work overseas, but until I found out about Elective International I didn’t think I’d get the chance. I was about to enter my final year and you need to do a two-month elective. I was in the library googling and came across this amazing program and thought, oh well, it’s worth a try. And I’m so glad I did. It’s the best experience of my life...


Amy Walker

University of South Florida

I was about to do my fourth year and interested in an elective placement overseas when a friend recommended Elective International. I’d heard the name but didn’t know much about it. So I went online to find out more and got really interested. The good thing about EI is that they got back to me right away. In high school I made friends...