Work For Us

Elective International is an ever-growing organization, with a well-established network of professionals and representatives throughout the globe. As years go by, more people learn about the vital differences we make, both with budding health professionals and under-resourced health facilities and communities. With each tick of the clock, we relentlessly strive to expand our reach to serve an even larger population.



We currently have campus representatives in well-reputed universities around the world, and warmly extend invitations for even more. Many of these talented individuals have already done a placement with EI and are now professionals within their field, while some are working towards placement of their choice by representing our organization. We are constantly looking for students in various countries in Europe, North America, Australia, and other developed countries. Elective International awards generous credit points for work done for us, and these cumulatively go towards awarding our representatives with either placement or payment.



In addition, at specific periods during the year, we require fun-loving talented individuals who are team players, possess managerial skills and who enjoy working with diverse cultures. If you are interested in working for EI or would simply like more information about the different ways you could work for us, please contact us.

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